A Review of the 5 Best Survival Shovel Options

Hi everyone! I never knew how important a shovel was until I went on an outdoor trip with my 8th grade class many years ago – and had to use it for just about everything. Whether it’s for camping or survival, shovels can be lifesavers.

Though there are many predictions for the coming months, no one can accurately predict what the future holds. If you take a look back on some events that made news history, you can see that there are times when survival gear was needed and many people were left unprepared.

You don’t want to be one of those people when a survival situation happens to you. With that in mind, one of the tools that you’re going to need on hand is a shovel. This is one of the most versatile tools to have when you’re faced with SHTF situations. Continue reading

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2 of the Best Survival Kits

Hi everyone! Whether you’re bugging outdoors or indoors, having a survival kit during a SHTF situation is imperative.

So I went in search of a good one and I found two that are amazing so I thought I’d share with you…

Survive Outdoors Longer Origin Survival Tool

Some of the survival kits I’ve seen could compete with my bug out bag – they’re FAR too big for me to carry if I want to have other items I’ll need. Continue reading

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Using Local Farmers to Help Store Survival Foods

Hi everyone! For my food survival storage, I want more nutrition than I would even have during regular life – especially because my health needs may not be able to be met otherwise if the hospitals and doctors’ offices aren’t available.

One thing we know is that grocery stores have a lot of overhead and therefore have to charge us more than what products are worth to make a profit. We also know that fresh fruits and vegetables can be turned into canned or dehydrated food stores for our survival using a canning kit or food dehydrator. Continue reading

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