Emergency Survival Water Bags Versus Gallon Jugs

Hi everyone! Back when I was writing a book about the bird flu, I scared myself into ordering a few survival supplies – because all over the news, they were talking about how it could hit America, how dangerous it would be for us to go out, and all I could picture were those horrifying news stories showing all the germs found on the handles of grocery store carts. LOL!

I wasn’t even ABOUT to go near Walmart or Albertsons to pick up emergency supplies if a bird flu pandemic broke out. So I began stocking up on things, including gallon jugs of water. I stored them in a cool, dry, dark place. Eventually, we tossed them out (poured them on plants) and I just assumed I’d be replacing them with more of the same.

…But then I started researching survival supplies more carefully and I want to share with you what I found out.

Gallon Jugs Are Fine, for What They Are…

While I was thinking gallon jugs of water were the ultimate survival purchase, I wasn’t thinking of how the supply can be compromised so easily. The plastic is often not BOA-free, so it leaches into the water.

Gallon jugs also leak from time to time. I’m not the only woman who has had a gallon of milk trickle out of the jug into her fridge!

And when it comes to bugging out, well, a gallon jug doesn’t easily fit into your backpack. At least not with all of the other supplies you want to take along with you.

Benefits of Owning a Few Emergency Survival Water Pouches

These water pouches are something I was surprised to see being sold in survival gear. They’re small. Surely, a family couldn’t depend on those as their water supply!


Then I researched and found out they’re for short-term emergencies (often off property, like if your car breaks down or you get trapped in your office during an emergency).

These packs are so durable, I watched an almost 200 pound man stand on one on one foot, in boots – and it didn’t break!

They’re BPA-free, so the supply inside is protected. You can leave it in sweltering hot cars (yes, thank you! I live in 100+ degree heat in the summer here in Texas), and also in cars where they freeze solid (they can be thawed out easily with no damage to the packaging).

I think what we should do is have both items on hand. Have the small pouches for our bug out bags and vehicles and off site areas, like our offices.  But have larger water supplies at home, using proper large water storage means.

I love that these small packs have a five year shelf life. That’s awesome! Now here’s the weird thing…

You can order them in different increments. Ordering the fewest packs (64 pouches)  is more expensive than ordering the medium sized case of 66 packs. There’s also a large 128-pouch case if you want even more.

These pouches are purified and very lightweight. Because of how durable they are, you can shove them into a bug out bag and tote it around without feeling so weighed down.

These would be great to carry in your purse, if you tend to carry a large bag like I do. That way, no matter where you are – let’s say you’re in an office holed up in a conference room during a shooting – you have access to water without having to try to head to the break room under fire.

I also like the idea, as a Mom, of packing 1-2 of these in my children’s backpacks for school. The same situation could apply. A shooter enters the building (or here, even a tornado hits) and my child knows they have fresh water available in their backpack in an emergency.

Think of car crashes, too. Having some of these pouches in the car (they would tuck in well in the pouch behind the front seats, or in the glove compartment), would give me peace of mind if we were ever wrecked and unable to move or get free while waiting for help.

I’m sad to say I don’t have more than my Sparklett’s water 5-gallon jugs (about 5) available right now, in addition to a case of handheld water bottles. I need to get on the ball! Time to order up some water pouches and pick up a few gallon jugs (yes, they’re still viable) at the grocery store.

How’s your water supply right now? Are you doing better than I am?

Tiff 😉

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