Emergency Food Storage on a Budget

Hi everyone! When it comes to survival, we all think of food first and foremost. But for many people, saving up an emergency food supply on a budget seems overwhelming when you still have to buy food for current, everyday usage.

There are some tips you can start using now to help you save up a good food supply for your future. Continue reading

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Compost Bin: Build Your Own or Buy?

Hi everyone! As stated previously on my blog, I dabble in gardening – from small container exercises to slightly bigger patches of gardening and I hope to someday have a thriving large survival garden in my backyard – including a compost bin of my own.

But that opens the question of investing in a readymade compost bin or taking the DIY route and making a compost bin out of recycled materials at home.  Let’s look at both, along with some ideas on how to do it yourself. Continue reading

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Best Machete Design to Buy

If you’re in a SHTF situation, or just out camping, you’re going to need the best machetes for both self-defense and as tools. We use machetes around here for things like clearing vines, but then it’s not a dire situation yet.

We have two different machetes in our home – one has a dual blade (where it has a saw on one side and a smooth blade on the other) and the second one is a smooth blade only machete.

Here’s a video of what we have, and below that, some information about the top selling versions of both design types. Continue reading

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