Conceal Carry Purses for Women

Hi everyone! For men, concealed carry is a bit easier, but we ladies like to carry in our purses in many instances. And there are two good options – a purse that’s built for concealed carrying and an addition that will fit any purse!

Let’s check out four that I feel are top quality, good investments.  Continue reading

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Learn Ahead of Time for the Ultimate Preparedness

When in any survival situation, the most important thing by far is preparedness. If you’re not in a psychologically sound and peaceful state of mind, you will find it hard to survive. If you’re stressed out, you can be forgetful, make bad decisions, and have low energy.

You can purchase many books on amazon to help you be prepared for survival situations. One of the best and most reliable ones is the US Army Field Manual 21-76, or the Survival manual. Continue reading

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Do You Miss the Days of Journalistic Integrity?

Hi everyone! I’ve been watching a lot (okay too much) political stuff on TV and online lately and it’s funny because both sides are talking about the mean old media and how they aren’t objective anymore.

It’s true – Growing up, I wouldn’t have known which side of the aisle a news anchor was on, but not it’s on display blatantly. Continue reading

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