Review and Tips for Usage of the Best Mask for a Pandemic Outbreak

Hi everyone! Back in my ghostwriting days, I was hired to write several books about the bird flu. Talk about scaring yourself! I ended up feeling like it was inevitable any day now (I’ve since calmed down).

I quickly ordered a box of N95 masks so that if and when the pandemic broke out, I’d be covered.

Fast forward to the Ebola scare in America (Texas specifically) and I was happy I had a box of masks.

But some mistakes were made along the way, so in addition to telling you where I flubbed (and how not to!), I’ll tell you which is the best mask you can order for a pandemic outbreak.

I made a video and I’ll write below it…

As I mentioned in the video, mistakes were made! Here’s what they were and how to avoid them…

Mistake #1: Ordering N95 Masks During a Threat

I was really stupid to wait until I was scared of all the news to order my N95 masks – because prices skyrocketed!

The N95 masks are typically about $15, but I paid more like $50 when I ordered them. Ugh!

Lesson learned. Stock up when they’re super cheap!

Mistake #2: Store Your N95 Masks Properly

That means out of the reach of children who will find the fact that you have doctor masks very funny! And if they want to pretend they’re the school nurse, you might walk in and see one on your child, on Boris the Bear, on Pinkie the Rabbit, and on Raggedy Ann.

Yes, that happened.

I told my daughter she could play with one. I meant one – she meant one every time she played!

Now, I have them in a Ziploc baggies and my daughter knows they’re for survival emergencies only.

Mistake #3 – Not Learning How to Use an N95 Mask

I never knew that I didn’t know how to use them because I bought them, socked them away, and figured, “How hard could it be?”

Well when I was re-evaluating my prepping, I decided to make sure I knew! I watched a video and in the above video, I do a demonstration for you.

What you need to do is place the bottom strap over your head and below your ears. Then take the top strap and place it over your head and above your ears.

When that’s in place, squeeze the metal rim so that it fits snugly over the bridge of your nose.

Breathe. When you exhale, if you can feel any air escaping from the mask, you’re not sealed well enough and you need to do it even more.

Mistake #4 – Not Knowing the Difference Between a Particulate N95 Mask and a Dust N95 Mask

The difference is HUGE. I actually didn’t know until I went to this N95 Mask page and started clicking back and forth between the 10-pack and the 20 pack.

The 20 pack was less expensive (not by much, but still…) and I realized one word was changed – from particulate to dust. Well that’s a huge problem for those who don’t know because one (dust) is good for mowing the lawn or cleaning the cat box, while the other (particulate) protects you from Ebola and bird flu!

I still can’t believe how cheap they are now.


This is one of those supplies that you want to have on hand for the more catastrophic moments where going to get supplies could kill you. Is it going to happen? Hopefully not. But if it does, then the old trick of placing your mouth and nose in the crook of your arm to shield yourself from germs won’t work.

You want to give your family a fighting chance. In addition to ordering a regular pack for adults through the link above, make sure you get child sized N95 masks for the kids in your life.

We already know how, even the handle of a grocery shopping cart can be chock full of contagious germs – what if those germs were Ebola or bird flu? We don’t have SARs breaking out, but it’s not unfathomable.

If the day comes where these masks are vital, you want to have some on hand.

Tiff 😉

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