Ultimate Fire Starting Tool for Bad Weather Conditions

Hi everyone! When it comes to survival, we always need fire to be available. I’ve known this since the first season of Survivor when I felt horrid for the participants who sat there drenched in rain, no fire to cook rice with – waiting desperately for tribal council so they could take fire back to their camps.

We need fire if we’re bugging out in the wilderness, but also if we’re home without electricity. We need it to cook with. We need it to boil water with. And we need it to keep warm with.

The problem is, there are tons of firestarters out there – lighters, flint, etc. People will tell you to keep cotton balls and other tinder available, and that’s all good advice. But when the weather is really rough – windy and rainy – it’ll be hard to get a fire started and keep it roaring when you need it most.

You won’t always have perfect conditions to start a fire.

So you need an alternative. There’s a product that’s lightweight and perfect for a bug out bag called Wetfire Tinder and what’s cool about this fire starter is that this tinder thrives when it’s wet!


It comes in a pack of 8 tinder starters. You need less tinder to get a roaring fire going with one of these helping you – literally, a small amount of shavings. Each of the cubes is set to last 5 years in the packaging.

The cube lasts longer and burns more fierce when it’s moist, so you don’t have to worry is the conditions outside are less friendly for fires.

Consumers love the way it’s cleaner and handier than having to use Vaseline with cotton balls. No one wants to increase the mess when they’re struggling to survive.

It’s advised that you break up the cube into pieces. And some consumers say you can get a raging fire going with half a cube, so you may want to put the rest into a Ziploc baggie to double the amount of fire starter you have.

Personally, I think it’s important that we have a variety of firestarting options available. Save the Wetfire Tinder for conditions where it’s needed and use dry tinder whenever weather conditions are more inviting.

Have you ever used wetfire tinder or struggled to light a fire in rainy weather? I remember we went camping on the banks of the Guadeloupe River once in the rain and it was MISERABLE. We couldn’t grill out, couldn’t keep warm. I packed up and went home the first morning. Fire is vital to my comfort level.

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Tiff 😉

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