2 of the Best Survival Kits

Hi everyone! Whether you’re bugging outdoors or indoors, having a survival kit during a SHTF situation is imperative.

So I went in search of a good one and I found two that are amazing so I thought I’d share with you…

Survive Outdoors Longer Origin Survival Tool

Some of the survival kits I’ve seen could compete with my bug out bag – they’re FAR too big for me to carry if I want to have other items I’ll need.

But this one is compact and CRAMMED with the items I need to survive:

It’s a lightweight kit and comes in a packaging that stands up to the harshest conditions – including the fact that it’s waterproof.

You get:

  • Tinder-Quik fire starters
  • braided nylon cord (up to 150 pounds)
  • stainless steel wire (military grade)
  • emergency sewing kit
  • emergency fishing kit
  • Fire Lite sparker
  • compass
  • lock-blade knife
  • Rescue flash signaling mirror
  • 100dB pea-less whistle

But look what’s so cool! The size. It’s SOOOO tiny. It could fit in your pocket:

I also love that it comes with instructions. That way, JUST in case you put off learning how to do things, you wouldn’t be in the dark whenever you needed it.

The second one I loved is this one:

Leknes Outdoor Survival Kits Emergency Kits For Disaster Preparedness

I won’t lie. I saw this one and there’s one item that made me say, “YES!” Can you guess which one?

  • Whistle flashlight
  • Multifunction calipers
  • Mosquito Head Net
  • Hand see-saw (like a multi tool)
  • Flint bracelet
  • Risers
  • Fast hang buckle
  • Outdoor emergency blanket
  • Earplug
  • Hooks
  • Fishing line
  • Bait
  • Swivels
  • Floats
  • Compass Thermometer

Yes, it’s the mosquito head net. OMG I’d love to be able to ward off bugs during a survival situation. Put me in a bubble and I’d be very happy. Here’s what it all looks like:

If you want to, you can look around on Amazon at the variety of survival kits they sell. They’re rated well and all have different items contained in the kits.

Some have tarps, some have food, and some have more first aid equipment in them. It just depends on how you want to organize your survival gear and pack up your supplies.

Tiff 😉

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