A Great Way to Start Survival Training with Kids

Hi everyone! As a single Mom, I’m one of those who are making survivalism a family affair. Not only because I want the help, but because I want my kids prepared and not terrified when or if something happens.

I was researching tips on survival training with kids and I found some good ones I wanted to share, along with my own $0.02 about what I’ve learned along this path to preparedness with two sons and a daughter.

The first tip I loved came from Survivopedia.com where they talk about letting kids experiment. What I do is work alongside my kids, like they say to, but I also let my middle son (age 16) teach his little sister, age 11).

In fact, after reading about this tip, I had Shawn take Scarlett in the backyard and teach her about using Crayola crayons as candles. Kids love playing with siblings – and learning survival from your big brother doesn’t seem like a chore – it seems like playtime!

See the video they made here (it cuts off at the end but I think actively doing the activity helps them remember it, too):

Another tip I loved was from Prep-Blog.com where they talk about including the children in survival prepping. Let them choose some items for storage that you wouldn’t normally think of. I’ll definitely be letting my kids pick their own bug out bags (from among those I approve), and some meals they want. I also plan to let them help me pick the veggies they want to grow this spring and summer. And we’ll cook and eat them, too!

Now AmericanPreppersNetwork.com talks about making sure you don’t frighten your kids when you explain prepping to them. I think this all depends on your child’s level of maturity.

I talk to my kids about what’s in the news, but I also reassure them that preparedness negates many of these issues. I think what would be worse would be to not discuss it with them and then have them freaking out in an emergency – and worse, what if you died or something and they had to fend for themselves?

I took my daughter to the gun range with my son and I and at first she was nervous, but after her first lesson, she felt very at ease and empowered.

This ties into a tip from SurvivalLife.com where, in #14, they talk about teaching your kids self defense. I think it’s important to teach our kids more than just shouting “stranger!”

We have to teach them about gauging someone’s eyes out as icky as it may seem. Whenever some news story is printed about a child who fought hard and saved her own life, I show it to my daughter. Especially those where the child chimes in about how they remembered their mom or dad teaching them to fight hard.

I explained to my daughter how her balling up a fist and punching the arm of a 275 pound man probably wouldn’t affect him much. But if she saw a pen in his car and stuck it in his eye, now she had a fighting chance to escape the car. Guess what she thought?

If she hurt him, she would go to jail! You never know what kids don’t know. Teach them that it’s okay to save their life.

Survival with kids can be fun and amazing and self empowering – or it can be scary and weird. You decide. Do it right.

Tiff 😉

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