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As a single (divorced) mom of three, I realized one day that if disaster ever strikes, I wasn’t informed or prepared to handle a major crisis and protect myself and my children.

So I started the quest to learn and take action to ensure that if a disaster of any kind ever hits – weather, financial, terror – you name it – I have my ducks in a row and won’t have to panic.

The most I’ve ever been through is a tornado and a 3-5 day sleet storm here in North Texas. And truth be told, I’ve had to deal with some domestic violence, too. Not a fun situation to be in. Those are all in the past.

But what if Ebola ever hit? Or what if a dirty bomb ever went off? I don’t want to have to leave my children at home and fight my way through a grocery store to grab whatever might be left on the shelves.

I also want to be armed and ready to protect our lives and our supplies if the need ever arises.

So I invite you to follow my journey and plan and take action along with me as we women work to get prepared little by little so we can sleep soundly at night, knowing we haven’t dropped the ball and left our children or ourselves at risk.

Tiff 😉