Best Machete Design to Buy

If you’re in a SHTF situation, or just out camping, you’re going to need the best machetes for both self-defense and as tools. We use machetes around here for things like clearing vines, but then it’s not a dire situation yet.

We have two different machetes in our home – one has a dual blade (where it has a saw on one side and a smooth blade on the other) and the second one is a smooth blade only machete.

Here’s a video of what we have, and below that, some information about the top selling versions of both design types.

The Gerber Gator machete (one of the ones we own) works as both a tool, and to protect yourself. It can be used for its blade or saw abilities. The blade is 15 inches on one side and the serrated saw is 18 inches.

The strength and durability of the machete is unparalleled and it was made for even the toughest clearing jobs – which is perfect if you need to high tail it out of town and head to the woods.


The high carbon stainless steel is what makes the blade so tough – yet it’s still lightweight enough at 1.8 pounds to easily be handled for any length of time and to carry in your backpack as well.

The handle is ergonomic rubber, which equals a stronger grip without slipping if you encounter any dampness. You can easily clear out brush or overgrowth with one swing of the machete.

It’s perfect for use in the yard at home or when you’re out in the woods. As weapon, it will make people think twice before attempting to mess with you. The machete comes with a nylon sheath that has a loop on it that you can use to attach it to your belt so you have it right on hand if you need it.

The other machete you saw in the video is the Smith & Wesson SWBH Bush Hog Kukri 17.5″ Blade with Sheath which we own as well.

Another great machete you’ll want to consider adding to your weapons and tools stash is the Ka-Bar Black Cutlass Machete. This one features a carbon steel blade that’s sure to handle any job you present it with.

It’s durable enough to take care of jobs that might even seem too difficult – such as removing tree branches. But this machete is no ordinary knife. It’s made for the tasks that knives and many other machetes can’t handle. The blade itself is 11 inches in length.


Out in the woods, you can use it to clear a spot for your tent or for your fire pit. You can clear a yard or hack down whatever is in your way if you need to clear a trail. The machete has an ergonomic handle, which makes it much easier to grip as you swing it. At only 1.12 pounds, it’s fairly lightweight.

The balance is evenly distributed. The machete comes with a compact sheath that you can attach to a belt. This machete is known for its sharp precision in taking down whatever it is that you swing at.

While it’s one of the best to use for whatever job you want to do, it’s also one of the top rated machetes in the area of self defense should you ever be in a situation where you need to use it to protect yourself, your family, or your supplies.

Take a look at the top bestselling machetes and find one that best suits your needs.

Tiff 😉

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  1. Edward says:

    One thing I know I need is one of theses I do like both of them though when the time is right I will be getting one with the serrated Edge so I can have it for multiple purposes.

    I live on 60 acres and well a lot of woods and stuff vines weeds and so forth. This would come in handy a lot.

    All The Best
    Your Fan

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