Best Stun Gun for Women as Personal Protection

Hi everyone! I’m the kind of woman who isn’t always fearful of attack, nor do I live in an unsafe area – but I know it’s possible for attacks to occur anywhere, at any time and I have endured some instances where a form of protection comes in handy.

As women, we are often physically unable to compete with the strength and size of a man (although size wise, I’m unfortunately larger than I want to be right now LOL)!

I know there are some men that I’ve known who are not much taller than myself, and maybe don’t weigh as much – but whose strength could overpower me in an instant.

When it comes to animals, we can’t negotiate very well with an angry dog who is hellbent on attacking you or your pet or children, and even though some weigh just 70-80 pounds, they’re killers if they want to be.

If you’re a female runner who needs protection or someone who walks to lose weight, then you may be leaving yourself wide open for attack.

So we have to quit allowing ourselves to be put out in the world like bait! That’s exactly what we’re doing every single day when we aren’t armed with SOME form of personal protection.

You’ve Been Thinking About Your Personal Safety All Wrong

You might be thinking you’re safe in daylight or in a crowded area. Have you seen the hundreds of YouTube videos where even well meaning citizens turn tail and run whenever someone is attacked?

Nobody wants to get involved anymore.

Now does this mean you have to go get your CHL license and carry a gun tomorrow into Walmart? Nope. Not if you don’t want to. But it does mean that you have a responsibility to arm yourself with (at the very minimal) non lethal protection.

And if you have kids, then that responsibility is even stronger because they need you. They need you to be vigilant about protecting yourself and them whenever you’re out in public.

To ignore your personal safety if you have loved ones is to be selfish, and when it comes to my babies, I’m anything but selfish. I want what’s best for them. I’m sure you want the best for yours, too.


My Non Lethal Personal Protection for Public Outings

In my personal experience, I’ve encountered some creepy guys over the years (primarily in my younger days), and it would have been nice to know I had a way to fend off an attack or lewd behavior if it ever happened. Luckily, it didn’t because I was always taught to be aware of my surroundings and get myself out of it quickly.

have endured physical abuse and intimidation from a now former spouse.  Although this would have protected me for a moment and allowed me to get away, it’s not a long-term solution.

I have also been confronted by two scary dogs – a doberman whose owner thankfully got him before he attacked (he was charging, growling, barking, etc.) and a Rottweiler who lives on our street and constantly gets out and who has come up and tried to bite my dog (a husky).

There have been many evenings when I got to the grocery store late and had to walk to my car with an empty parking lot and maybe 1-2 males in it. That’s not a comfortable feeling. Especially when a homeless man walks up asking for money and you don’t know what his intentions are.

Take the NCIS actress Pauley Perrette who got absolutely brutalized by a homeless man right outside her house! She had to sit there and take it until he was done. If she’d had a form of personal protection, she would have been safe.

How You Can Keep Attackers at Bay Easily, Quickly and Cheaply!

I bought four of these Vipertek Mini Stun Guns so far – one for me, my middle son (who walks the dog), my oldest son and my Mom.

They’re mini stun guns and they’re pink, powerful and very protective over me!


This little stun gun (which I’ll show you how to use in a video in just a sec) costs under $20 and packs a punch that delivers 25,000,000 Volts to the low life scum who wants to harm you.

It’s so tiny that it can fit in your pocket, but I like to carry mine in my purse. Whenever I leave the store, I have it in my hand charged and ready to go. You do not want to have to wait to turn it on because attacks will catch you offguard, scare you and you may not be thinking clearly.

I love that it has a strong little LED flashlight in it, too. I can use that as I’m approaching my door at night or my car – and quickly switch it to voltage mode if necessary.

One thing I LOVE is that I don’t need batteries – yea! Batteries are too expensive and this little stun gun has a switch you push and a plug pops out! Just stick it into the wall and let it rev up! I bought mine in July of 2015 and here it is six months later and I haven’t had to recharge it once. That thing is powerful.

It has a smooth rubber surface that feels like suede almost. And it fits almost entirely inside my hand so it can be concealed nicely. It’s so cheap I wouldn’t care if it didn’t, but if you’re concerned about it, there’s a lifetime warranty on it for replacements.

It comes in pink (I bought two), purple (bought 1) and black (bought 1). Now some places can’t own these. (I feel bad for y’all). They won’t ship to certain states – but here in Texas, we’re all about self preservation, so yeehaw! Move here and get you one 😉 LOL!

When (Not If) You Buy a Stun Gun, Know How to Use It RIGHT!

I learned some stuff I didn’t know about stun guns recently. For one, we instinctively remember watching tutorials on it or whatever and we see people being zapped in the arm or the chest.

Looks legit.

But guess what hurts WORSE?

Guess what will make your attacker howl like a banshee and scream like a toddler having a major meltdown?

It’s when you stick this mini stun gun right on his FACE and zap the ever living crap out of him.

I had never thought about this, however, when I teach my daughter how to avoid kidnappers, I don’t just tell her to scream and hit the guy – I mean, an 11 year old girl punching a man’s arm or chest when he weights 260 pounds isn’t going to faze him.

But if she digs her finger deep into his eyeball, bet you money he’s going to drop her and cover his eye and try to recover, giving her a chance to get away. That’s what I’ve always taught her – so why wasn’t I thinking that way myself?

No clue.

But these mini stun guns work WONDERS in the following areas:

  • Under their chin (neck area)
  • On their eye area (even right below)
  • On their nostrils (think of hos tender your nose is when you even have a COLD!)
  • Their lips!
  • Their crotch.

So when you think of a stun gun’s purpose, it’s to take that man OUT of commission, not just irritate him, right? You want to aim for the sensitive spots. The spots with tons of nerves. The spots that will make him RUN.

Your Personal Protection Safety Task

I want you to analyze today whether or not you feel protected at ALL times. Not just in your home, but walking to your car, in your neighborhood, from the office, and more.

Now, once you do that – ask yourself if you need a tool like a mini stun gun that can stave off attacks.

If the answer’s yes, get the Vipertek Mini Stun Gun and then I’d like for you to do the following with it:

  1. Unbox it and look at the mechanisms of the stun gun. See where the buttons are and how it works.
  2. Plug it in and get it fully charged up.
  3. Take a stuffed animal and, with the charger off, practice your maneuvers of zapping someone under the chin, in the face in different areas, and yes, in the crotch.
  4. Turn the charger on and zap into the air so that you become comfortable with the loud sound that it makes.
  5. Get yourself in the habit of having a hand on a charged and ready to go stun gun whenever you’re in public and at risk.

Get used to it. Self defense is one of those things where we women can tend to shy away from UNLESS we practice it so that it feels second nature to us. It goes the same for real guns as it does stun guns or even some form of martial arts. Heck, we even have to sometimes practice verbally defending ourselves, right?

Let me know if you get it and how you feel about your tasks once you’ve completed them.

Tiff 😉

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