Do You Miss the Days of Journalistic Integrity?

Hi everyone! I’ve been watching a lot (okay too much) political stuff on TV and online lately and it’s funny because both sides are talking about the mean old media and how they aren’t objective anymore.

It’s true – Growing up, I wouldn’t have known which side of the aisle a news anchor was on, but not it’s on display blatantly.

So I was watching one of my favorite shows – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (it’s mindless entertainment that’s 110% un-PC) and there was an episode showing how dishonest the media is in weather threats, too.

Now in the past, I might say, “Nawww…surely they’re not going to make us worried for no reason,” but ehh… now I’m not so sure. Why wouldn’t they? It’s all about ratings.

And they hand pick certain words that evoke a fear in us that makes us stay tuned.

You hear phrases like “Storm of the Century” and suddenly there’s a full blown panic in the store and shelves are wiped clean and we get an inch or two of rain or snow. LOL!

This is kind of what ends up happening – I would be Dee – the “I told you so” female, freaking out in the yellow jacket.

See? We have to learn to stay rational, and as survivors/preppers, we won’t HAVE any of that looting mentality (not that we would anyway) or panic-driven rush to buy all of our last minute supplies.

I’d rather be prepared. And by the way, they were – they had all the supplies in their bunker but someone was going in there eating them so when they needed them, they were gone. A good reminder to check up on your supplies periodically!

How do you feel about the media?

Do you generally trust them? Is one channel (local, national) better than the other for you?


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