Duct Tape Is the Jack of All Trades for Women’s Survival

Hi everyone! In my quest to begin stockpiling things that will assist me in an emergency situation (both short and long term), there are a few items I’ve discovered that will multi task for me.

One of those is duct tape (commonly called Duck Tape – and whoever put out the brand with that name was genius, in my opinion). This is probably something you have a roll or two of, but not nearly enough for your survival needs.

Duct Tape Has Been a Survival Tool in My Family for Years

As a young girl, I remember my dad always having duct tape on hand. It’s just something we used whenever anything needed to be held together or patched up.

I recall him using it in automotive issues, around the house, in the garden, and even when he’s cut himself (while I ran to get a Band-Aid, he’d already have a piece of duct tape covering it).

I also have a bad memory of duct tape. I hesitate to tell you about it but it does have to do with shelter, so let’s go for it.

I live in my childhood home, which is sentimental to me – and also from 1970, so there have always been “fixer upper” issues. During my too long marriage, one of those issues was the back sliding glass door shifted and left a big gap where you could stick your finger outside.

This isn’t pleasant when you live in an area where June Bugs come out in full force, fly through that hole and make a beeline straight to your hair, only to get tangled up and cause you to turn into a complete screaming mess. (Those of you from the South will immediately understand this dilemma).

So at one point during my marriage, we had no extra funds to repair it. My ex whipped out the duct tape, and to keep the bugs out, slapped a big, long strip right over the gaps – and it worked. I also want to say that as soon as he moved out, I splurged on lovely new French Doors. LOL!

But it does go to show that in a pinch, duct tape is a super shelter tool. And I discovered in my quest to stockpile supplies, that duct tape does a whole lot more than repair shelter and keep bugs out.

I just bought two more packs this week:


Why Women Need to Stock Up on Duct Tape

There are some very specific things we’ll be talking about storing up over the coming months and years. But duct tape isn’t one of those things where you sit there and say, “Hey I need this much duct tape for this specific purpose.”

That’s because it’s going to come in handy for so many different types of emergencies:

  • Weather situations
  • Terror attacks
  • Personal attack by humans
  • Health pandemics…and more

Some of this stuff is obvious. Tear in your tent? Stick some duct tape over it. Food bag rips open? Duct tape it shut to keep water and pests out.

But there are a lot of uses I had never thought of with duct tape, and I wanted to share some of those with you. Because as you’ll soon see, one or two rolls isn’t going to be enough if you want a do-it-all type of supply that can help you in a pinch.

Did You Know Duct Tape Could Help You Survive?

It helps with shelter. We know it does a fantastic job of not just repairing an existing shelter, but you can create shelter from it as well!

If a terror attack is the kind that’s airborne, then duct tape can help you seal off a room so that deadly spores or particles can’t enter the area.

It can also help in a health situation with shelter if you need to quarantine someone. And here’s a little tip – my son (my oldest one) built his own greenhouse in the backyard.

When we were facing Ebola here in America, we had considered that it would be a great place for quarantine – it’s nice and warm and the plastic sheeting and duct tape could seal off the area as well. He even put a nice fan in it to keep it cool.

Another way duct tape can work as a survival tool is to help you maintain supplies for food and water. Anything can happen where a pest or moisture gets into your storage, and duct tape can quickly seal the compromised area and help you salvage what’s left.

Medical-wise, I hear it’s not smart to use it directly as a Band-Aid (you’re supposed to tape it down with duct tape, but use other paper for the padding, but my Dad would argue with you on that).

However, duct tape can be used to create a splint, a sling, a tourniquet, and can be used on splinters, blisters, and yes, if you were out of bandages, duct tape is better than nothing at all, right?

Duct tape can be used in place of a paracord as a rope! There are all sorts of reasons you might need a rope – to build shelter, bedding, or even tie someone up, and yes, duct tape can keep someone dangerous tied up and unable to hurt you.

Another handy way to use duct tape is to mend clothing. It works like a patch (and is about as ugly as those 1970s patches parents used on their kids’ clothes in the old days).

Have you seen those prom outfits made entirely of duct tape? If not, go take a look. If you were desperate for clothes, duct tape (lots of it) could help keep you and your family warm and shielded from the elements.

I’ve been told you can even create animal snares with duct tape. I don’t know how yet, but it’s a survival skill I plan to learn.

Stocking Up on Your Duct Tape Survival Supply

I have begun amassing little stores of duct tape now that I know all of its benefits. I know we have a ton of the decorative kind (any of you with daughters and sons around tween age will also probably have this due to the duct tape craft trend).

But I wanted regular, formidable duct tape. So I started getting a couple of rolls at a time. Gorilla Tape To-Go is the bestselling duct tape on Amazon and super cheap.

duct tapeBut you can also buy duct tape in larger packs. You can get a Case of 8 Gorilla Duct Tape Rolls if you prefer and have the funds to get them all at once. (Still not expensive, but some of us are spreading our purchases out in different directions a little at a time).

I’ve started storing mine in a few different places. I want one in my car. I want many at home. I want one in each bug out bag (because I want my loved ones safe and able to have a tool like this in case they ever get separated from me).

And I like to have one or more in each room. Because what if I need to seal off a room and there’s no duct tape in there?  Don’t let it hide somewhere in your house where you’re left scrambling, trying to remember where you put it.

So as silly as it may sound, let’s talk duct tape!

What are some unusual ways you know of or have used this tool before – survival or not?

Tiff 😉

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3 Responses to Duct Tape Is the Jack of All Trades for Women’s Survival

  1. Tony says:

    Reminds me of the classic saying we have here in West Virginia for a redneck tool kit.

    You only need two things in it. Duct tape and WD-40.

    If it moves and it’s not supposed to, use duct tape. If it doesn’t move and it’s supposed to, use the WD-40.

    No matter how you look at it, it’s both practical and easy to assemble LOL.

  2. Edward says:

    Tiffany recently I broke my eye glasses. And the first thing I grabbed was my duck tape to make a simple fix. I do believe that having duck tape in our survival kits is crucial. Like Tony says above Duck tape and WD-40 are a must have!

    All The Best
    Your Fan

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