False: Preppers Are Crazy, Anarchist Doomsdayers

Hi everyone! I was online researching the prepper/survival niche the other day and it kind of saddened me how survivalists are viewed by the majority of society.

There were questions like, “Why do survivalists hate the government so much?” and “Why are preppers so crazy?” Stuff like that boils my blood. 

We see that a lot with gun ownership. One nut shoots up a place and suddenly all gun owners are mass murderers. It’s ridiculous.

With survivalists and preppers, when the topic is mentioned, what most often comes to mind is some crazy past middle aged man living in the woods. His hair is unkempt and graying, his beard has grown out and is disheveled.

If you look at him, he has a wild look in his eyes. Startled, or leery of everyone. He won’t actually make eye contact. He may talk to himself – mumbling about personal injustices or a government gone wrong.

His shack in the woods is pieced together from leftover parts, and it’s small and seemingly uninhabitable by the rest of society. An obligatory “No trespassing” sign hangs by a thread from the side of the shack.

abandoned house

Angry loner – that’s how many preppers are described. This is so far past reality that prepping and survivalism has become somewhat of an embarrassing thing to mention.

This is anything but the true picture of a survivalist and prepper.

A true survivalist is intelligent and prepared for life, not looking for a way to end things with a bang. They’re everyday men and women like you and me – with families, full time jobs, and who are law abiding citizens.

Does it mean we adore big government? No. But we fight with our vote and spending power, not with random gun fights every time a law pops up that we dislike.

Here’s the GOOD news about society’s viewpoint on prepping. We don’t want it to be viewed so mainstream that we get blabby about it. The more we brag and chat about our survivalist habits, the more of a target we become if the shit hits the fan and people want to know where to find supplies.

The only drawback about society viewing survivalists as extremists is that it makes people not look into it for themselves. And we WANT more people being prepared because it means less chaos in the event of an emergency.

Shows like Survivorman and all that have done some things to help ordinary men and women embrace the idea of getting educating. But some shows (I remember a doomsday prepper type show) have old one toothed grandpas on there with the wild eyed rants and crazy beards sticking out all over the place, designed to make preppers look the role of insanity.

One group that I think teaches survivalism really well are the Mormons. My sister is a Mormon and it’s just a basic teaching by the church to be prepared. Whether or not you believe the religion, the teachings for preparedness are wonderful!

The Survival Mom website has a great PDF for LDS prepping. If you’re not into religion, skim past it and go to where the weekly storage begins. There are also lots of great tips for storage included, too.

Listen, this is a silent endeavor anyway. We don’t want to be shouting from the rooftops that we’re preppers, or trying to make ourselves be looked upon as “normal” for acceptance. What we really want is to go about our everyday lives like nothing else is happening, as we get our family ready for disasters.

Focus on your family and peace of mind, not what anyone else thinks. I’m curious – have any of you gotten any weird looks or comments whenever you mentioned prepping in the past? Bet it taught you a lesson about sharing info on it if so.

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Tiff 😉

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