How to Be Ready for Home Intruders

Hi everyone! Wanted to give just a few extra tips on home intruders. What’s scary about criminals these days is they don’t just break in to steal. They’re there to kill, rape, burn you alive, etc.

They’re worse than a monster. So you need to be ready for them. Imagine being asleep in your bed and opening your eyes to a man standing over your bed. It would feel like such a violation, but nothing compared to what would happen next. 

When I was 17, I was taking a bath and I got out, started drying off and I turned to the right and we had a long window there. It was kind of frosted in a way, but you could see through it with enough detail that you wouldn’t be comfortable with anyone looking in.

A man stood there with his face pressed up against the window, bugging his eyeballs out on purpose like this: bug eyes. I don’t even want to post it here it upsets me so much. Anyway, he was able to do that.

I screamed, and my stepdad chased him with a gun but he leaped over the fence and got away. The police said a man fitting that description (bug eyes) was a rapist in the area and he would go to the house in the wee morning hours, knock on it when he was sure a female was alone, and rape her.

He wasn’t IN my house, but the feeling of being stalked, unprepared, and victimized was similar. What can you do to prevent an unexpected intruder situation where you end up horribly victimized?

Poor fool

Step #1: Use Sounds

Obviously we know about home alarm systems, but one thing my gun trainer taught us is to keep our car keys by our bed. (I never did this). Our car keys come with an alarm system, and if we realize someone’s in our house, we can make it go off, startling them and making them run away.

Step #2: Use Mirrors

He also taught us to be strategic with mirrors. If we have a hallway, then instead of having to stick our head out and look to see if someone’s out there, we can place two mirrors (one in our room aimed at the one at the end of the hall) and be able to see without putting ourselves in jeopardy.

Step #3: Keep a Gun Safe Bedside

I use a biometric thumb print gun safe so I can reach over and get armed in the blink of an eye. The last thing I want is for an intruder to rush me before I get a chance to open some complex gun safe. It’s too big a risk.

Step #4: Don’t Be a Sitting Duck

Intruders assume you’ll be in certain positions, like lying still in your bed, hoping not to get noticed. Roll yourself out of bed and get in your bathroom, locking the door behind you. The chief of police taught us not to just stand there – but to kneel and get steady with your aimed gun pointed just right. He won’t assume you’ll be coming from that lower direction. Many people keep a gun IN their bathroom for this very reason.

Have you ever been the victim of an intruder? How did you handle it? Want to share any additional tips on evading a crisis in this situation? Go for it! And make sure you sign up for more prepper tips below.

Tiff 🙂

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2 Responses to How to Be Ready for Home Intruders

  1. Iris Johnson says:

    Thanks for sharing these really good survival tips!

    Your tips caused me to rethink a few things… storing the keys next to my bed in stead of on a hook at the front door, using the mirrors to spot an intruder, using a biometric gun safe for quick and easy access to your weapon, and crouching down in the bathroom with your gun aimed properly at the intruder to get them before they can get you! These are all lifesaving strategies worth adopting, if or when you’re faced with this sort of threatening situation.

    I need to get an extra “panic” key made to keep next to my bed because we hang all of our keys on hooks when we enter our home — it keeps us from pulling our hair out because we can’t remember where we placed out keys!

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