Is a Lack of Space Holding You Back from Ordering Survival Supplies?

Hi everyone! I previously blogged about a few ways to maximize space for survival food storage and I wanted to expand on the entire concept of space – for all survival supplies, not just food.

What happens if you live in an apartment or only own a small plot of land – or you have a home, but it’s full of clutter? What if your cabinets and closets are already stuffed to the gills and there’s no room for health kits, water supplies, or more ammunition?

If you end up ignoring it or saying, “Someday I’ll order some when I make room,” you and I both know it’ll never get done. You’ll always have a nagging worry in the back of your mind.

And if something happens on the news, such as word of a solar blackout, a health pandemic, or concerns about an economic collapse, then you’ll really be kicking yourself because then you’re left to scramble – and guess what?

Suppliers rake it a lot of money based on your procrastination. They up the cost of survival supplies a TON. So there’s no reason to not shop and store early and often.

5 Items That Help You Store Survival Supplies

Vertical Gardening Supplies

Many people wonder how they can have a garden for survival foods if they’re in an apartment, or if they feel their land isn’t safe from predators.

Vertical Gardening supplies can help you grow UP, not out, so you can have the vegetables and herbs you want to grow, regardless of how small your space is.

A Living Wall Planter is beautiful and works indoors and out. You get three tiers of planting space, and if you want more, you can add more planters or go with something like a tower.


You can also get a greenhouse for your patio or indoors so that you can continue growing food year round. I bought this greenhouse for my son, Dylan because he was renting a home with two other college kids and didn’t want to take up much backyard space – and he loved it!

Overhead Storage

Many people aren’t aware of overhead storage options other than those little nets that catch stuffed animals for kids’ rooms. But grown ups have plenty of space saving options for their garage, or INside their home, in closets or rooms – wherever you want.

This Loft Storage Platform is a great space saver for survival enthusiasts. You could put it in a closet or any room of the house and store items off the ground and out of your way.


It’s not intrusive, so I like that.

Attractive Storage Baskets

One of the problems with small spaces is, survival gear is ugly. There, I said it! A big case of green beans or a box of N95 masks isn’t exactly the kind of decor you want in your home.

But attractive storage baskets can simply make you look organized! These little foldable storage baskets could come in handy because they would match any decor, and you get 6 in one pack. Or, if it’s for your living room, you might want to go with wicker storage baskets like this:


Storage Sheds

We talked about this before, but they have patio sheds as well as full lawn sheds you can get. All of the storage sheds give you a place to put survival supplies without them getting ruined.

This premium storage shed has shelving built in on the inside, and it has skylights and windows, too.



You can add your own shelving to your small spaces, too. Remember to always try to go vertical. If you look at a closet and think only of the floor space, things might look grim.

But if you think upwards, and how many levels you could make, suddenly you open up a whole lot of space for even the smallest areas.

You could put this anywhere – the garage, or use it with attractive storage baskets and put it right in the living room!


Really, space isn’t that big of an issue when you’re talking about a 1-3 month supply. If you’re looking to go longer, then you can start deciding what type of supplies to buy.

For example, a case of green beans is a space hog. But dehydrated foods yield more food for less space. So you might have to rotate out some of your bulkier items.

So in terms of space saving, do you have a specific struggle that doesn’t fit with one of the above solutions? Or do you have a tip to share with others? Sound off below and make sure you sign up to my prepper tips list, too!

Tiff 😉

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