Military MRE Survival Food Unboxing, Preparing and Tasting Review

Hi everyone! I’m so happy to finally get around to my unboxing review that I did today with my son, Shawn. He’s into survival and prepping and camping so this Christmas, I bought him a few supplies, which we’ll review together, starting with a box of Military MREs.


So we bought the Menus 1-12, and you can also choose the other menu (13-24) if you prefer. I just happened to like the menu in 1-12 better.

So here is the review split into two portions (the second one is short, but the first one cut off due to space). We are trying out the chicken fajita MRE since we’re Texan and lovvvvvee us some Tex Mex, y’all!

Part 1:

Part 2:

So basically, it came with the tortillas, which were in great shape (very soft), a package of yummy refried beans, a package of soupy like fajita filling (but it was tasty!), a pouch of jalapeno cheese, a brownie that tasted like a diet brownie, but which I know I’d be thankful for in a pinch, a great coffee flavor that tasted yummy, and a raspberry drink mix which my kids liked, as well as a pouch of cashews which were spicy to the kids, but just flavorful to my ancient tastebuds.

I was REALLY happy with this MRE. It wasn’t anything I’d want to serve up at a dinner party, but we would be SO happy to have it in a survival situation for sure, because it was very tasty.

There are tons of different MRE bundles you can buy on Amazon. You can buy them in individual pouches or in boxes, like I did.

Have you ever bought MREs? Ours have a five year shelf life. I like that! I can rebuy something in five years and the kids will love using these on camping trips or just for fun as we rotate them out over time.

Tiff 😉

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