Prevent Home Invasions with This Cheap Security System

Hi everyone! As a single Mom, I’ve wanted a nice security system in place for a long time. But right now, with debt payoff and everything, I hesitate to spend a significant amount of money on anything like that.

So I tried thinking of alternatives to big spending and I recalled a WONDERFUL one my dad taught me!

I remember growing up there were certain routines my dad had right before bed. One of them was to grab the police locks by each door, position it under the handle and kick it in the bottom portion to secure it snugly.

Somehow, those police locks disappeared over the years (he took them with him when he would travel in hotels) and I never knew how to get more.

Leave it to Amazon to have them – and they’re so cheap I can get one for every door in my house, not just those leading outside. I got my first one today and I made an unboxing video of it so you can see how it works right out of the box.

What Is a Police Lock?

Well technically, it’s called a security bar. But I’ve always called it a police lock because my dad’s friend, a police officer, is who recommended that we have them to prevent intruders or at the very least, buy us significant time to be able to protect ourselves.

It’s basically a steel bar with a handle that goes under the doorknob and a stopper at the bottom so that it won’t slide. Whenever someone picks your lock, they still can’t get in because the bar is there. This works on regular doors (hinged) and sliding doors.

These look a bit different from the ones my dad had, which were solid (not adjustable). 

I like that you can adjust these to fit any door. My front door requires a height significantly higher than my back door, and I’m not sure what my side door requires yet.

I suggest you get these for every door leading into your house as well as every bedroom door, too. If someone breaks in during the middle of the night, it’s nice to have an extra barrier for your bedroom so that you have time to get out of the window or grab your firearm – whatever you prefer.

Unboxing Videos of My New Home Security System

No, this isn’t a technology-filled, thousand dollar security system. It’s a simple, $15 or so tool that does amazing things. Now I got my first one in the mail today and I wanted to unbox it right in front of you.

Heads up: Cats apparently don’t know what “shhh, I’m making a video” means. And when you holler at your kids to get their loud, moewing cat, they can sometimes emerge with a “why are you interrupting my video game?” look, causing you to explain further. LOL!

So ignore all that and enjoy seeing what this little tool can do for you.

And here’s the police lock in action, protecting us on one door tonight. I swear I’ll sleep more soundly!

So there you have an effective, cheap security system in place to keep assailants out or buy you more time.

For this amount of money, it’s a no brainer for me to invest in one for each door of my home. I also was thinking about the future when my kids go to college and can have one for their dorm rooms if necessary. (Although the way I was, I may have used it to keep out my annoying roommates LOL)!

What’s the Best Security Bar for Your Doors?

Well I went and researched and found the ones in the video to be ranked the best. Not only for affordability, but for functionality, too. I love that it’s adjustable and that it can fit on hinged or sliding doors.

That kind of versatility is unmatched. The Master Lock 265DCCSEN Dual-Function Security Bar is the #1 bestseller in home security systems on Amazon.

They have a neat video showing a little elderly woman using the lock if you want to go check it out. I plan on getting my Mom two of these, if not three, for her apartment – one for her front door, one for her sliding glass door, and another for her bedroom.

This is something that makes an affordable survival gift for those you love – and it’s something they may plan on getting “someday” but never do.

What form of security do you have at your house? Don’t be specific. I mean, is it a paid security system? Something like this lock? A big dog? How do you ensure intruders are going to have a difficult time getting to you and your loved ones?

Tiff 😉

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