Survival Isn’t Just About Teaching Yourself

Hi everyone! Quick note today. I want to make sure we all realize that this journey isn’t just about learning. It’s about teaching. When I got my First Aid Book in the mail today (a holiday I thought, but we got it!), I realized it’s not just ME who needs to know this stuff.

It’s our spouses (if you have one) and our kids.

Not everyone wants to learn. But do your best to teach them and try to make it as fun or interesting as possible.

This book is amazing. Tons of bite sized lessons laid out in a very easy to understand way.

So what I’ll be teaching is…

  1. Where the supplies are.
  2. What to use if you’re not around any supplies (ie: makeshift supplies)
  3. How to treat minor injuries on yourself or someone else.
  4. How to handle major injuries.
  5. How to stay calm because mindset and reduction of panic is imperative to survival.

I know as a Mom, I don’t want my babies feeling scared or sad ANY time. So educating them so that they instinctively know how to handle things will give them (and me) peace of mind and comfort.

I’ll be starting today. I’m making a master list of the medical supplies I’ll need for survival and each time I go grocery shopping, I’ll be buying one item from that list. Ace bandages, etc. I love how the book tells you what supplies to buy, how much per person, and what a makeshift alternative is. Awesome!

See how he does it?


What I’m doing is, I’ve divided the book up into two parts – supplies and lessons. Each day I go through one page of supplies (add it to my list, read the tips) and one page of lessons, where I read, learn and then share with my kids.

I put a red checkmark on the upper right corner of the page once I’ve learned and shared it. I’m keeping it right on my desk so that I make it part of my routine. After this health book, I’ll be getting a different book of a different survival slant to read and share.

Tiff 😉


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