The Problem with Shopping for Survival Supplies in Person

Hi everyone! One thing we’re advised to do (and I advise it too) is to shop with your eyes open. If you’re at the store and you see a sale on canned foods, stock up, etc. And that’s TRUE!

But there are some scenarios when it can bite you in the butt. Shopping for survival supplies in person means you’re doing it off the cuff, not taking time to get informed. It may work for canned foods, but what about a fireproof safe?

Now you’re having to read a label only, and who has time to stand in the aisle looking online for information? Not this mom! So I grab one and go home. Later, when researching them, I realize, “No wonder it was that cheap! It’s not as fireproof as I wanted it to be.”

If I’d been home, I would have learned that by shopping online at the right place, with the right advisers and information.

The best place I’ve found to buy most survival supplies is It’s a household name, it’s highly competitive (which is great for you, as a consumer), and the feedback and reviews play a very important role in guiding you through the right choices.

Amazon has Prime, and I have had that for years now and could never live without it at this point. Prime gives you free two day shipping on a TON of items (almost everything). I love the checkmark I can place on the left sidebar that tells Amazon to ONLY show me Prime items – that way I know for a fact shipping is free.


I also love that reviews are so prevalent on Amazon. On other sites, it’s more rare to see reviews, but here, everyone knows you just leave reviews – it’s just what’s done, period.

You get to see what people love, and even what’s bad about a product. Sometimes, you realize it’s a truly bad product. Sometimes, you read the negative review and realize that the person reviewing it is the problem, not the product.

I love the “Frequently Bought Together” notice. If I land on a lifestraw, it’ll tell me that other shoppers often buy these two other items. Sometimes I don’t care, but sometimes I go, “YES! I want that, too!”


I also like the videos in the reviews. I did a video review for TheraBand and sometimes you get people like me, who not only share what the product is like, but share tips. Go see how I did my video review. Read the 10 comments people have posted to my review. THAT is hard to find elsewhere, so it helps make my shopping decision easier as a consumer.

So how do you make the most of your survival shopping experience? First of all, decide what’s safe to shop for in person versus what needs a little more research. Then sign up on Amazon for deal notifications. Make sure you get Prime so you can take advantage of sales with free shipping. Bookmark certain high ticket items you’re saving for to see if they go on sale. Prices fluctuate all the time, and read reviews to see what pros and cons there are!

Where’s YOUR favorite place to shop for survival supplies and why? Tips are always welcome by others on where to find the best for our prepping efforts.

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Tiff 😉

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