Ways to Maximize Space for Survival Food Storage

Hi everyone! Over in my Survival for Women Facebook group, a bunch of us were chatting about what our biggest concerns were. While we each had our own “threat” that came to mind (hurricanes, terrorism, etc.), we all agreed that we needed more information on how to store everything (especially the food) we need when space is limited.

So today I’d like to talk about that – what I researched and found out and would like to share with you.

Making Good Use of Survival Space with Home Organizers

If I look around the room right now, I can see all sorts of ways I could add more “things” to my space if I had a tool for better organization. That includes things like stackable bins or shelving that allow you to own more items without taking up more of the room space on the floor.

We tend to do this in our kitchens, but there are so many areas where we can use shelving or bins to add more supplies.

Vacuum Seal As Much as You Can for Survival

Of course food items should be vacuum sealed whenever possible to preserve them and free up more room. But there are also ways you can seal and contain other items like your survival clothing using a tool like this:

These are really easy to use and functional for packing a bug out bag where you need every nook and cranny, or saving space in your home.

Consider Renting a Storage Facility

Now this has to be done correctly. If you leave your supplies in a storage rental during a disaster, then chances are they could get stolen.

So if a terrorism attack occurs or other scenario where you find out chaos has ensued, you need to rush to get your supplies and get them to your home ASAP.

We have one right down the street from us, so it’s quick and convenient. Don’t go to the other side of town where it’s going to take you a long time and make you put your life at risk just to access your supplies.

Use the Unseen Spaces in Your Home for Survival

We know they’re there, but who ever thinks about their crawlspace? How about your attic (unless the cable guy has to go up there)? There are areas under beds that are not in use, or in stairwells that sit empty.

These are all perfect spots for storing survival supplies.

Build or Buy a Storage Barn for Your Survival Spot

On our property, we have a small storage barn. If you own your property and can use one of those, then you can fill it with survival supplies instead of gardening and lawn tools.

Check out the wide variety of storage sheds you can have shipped right to your home. They range from little benches to full sized barns that would house a lot of survival supplies.

Use the Underground to Bury Your Survival Supplies

Not everything has to be above ground. In fact, keeping some of your supplies under ground can keep them safe from thieves. There are waterproof, sealed containers you can use to hide survival supplies like cash, ammunition, and even some food.

A waterproof ammo can that the military uses is perfect for this purpose.  Make sure you don’t just go with water resistant. You want waterPROOF to keep it sealed and safe.

Hide Your Survival Supplies in Plain Sight

Sometimes, you might be in someone’s home and be looking at survival supplies and you don’t even know it. There are many people who use large buckets of food and other items as tables, putting a tablecloth over it.

There are some pieces of furniture that have built in hidden storage – including coffee tables and even couches!

You want to maximize the use of your furniture in every room. Put supplies under and behind beds and sofas.

Pack Up Your Empty Suit Cases

Not everyone thinks about using the empty suit cases, but there’s so much room in there, and if they’re not in use anyway, you should temporarily store much-needed supplies inside.

Weekend Task:

I have a feeling, after watching Hoarders and also reading up on survival in small spaces, that many of us only think we don’t have any room. The reality is, we have a lot of unused junk that we could easily toss out and free up space for in terms of survival and prepping.

But are you willing to do that?

I know that I, for one, have a disaster of a closet in my room. There’s a LOT I could get rid of. And lots of space to save. This weekend, let’s declutter ONE ROOM or one space and see just how “cramped” we really are.

Be honest!

Take a before and after shot either for yourself or to share with us here. On Monday, we’ll come back and show our progress and see if we have made room for the items that will truly save our lives someday – not just sit there holding memories for us.

Who’s up for it?

Tiff 😉

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