When to Save on Survival Supplies

Hi everyone! Aside from space being one of the biggest concerns my readers have, they’re also focused on shelling out money on survival supplies. The great news is, there’s a plan for that!

If you learn how to save money then you free up cash for more supplies. If you don’t diligently shop, then you’re not freeing up that money, which means fewer supplies and you’ll regret not having enough for your family if and when disaster strikes.

I have kicked myself on this survival journey before, having spent WAY too much on supplies because I make one critical mistake…I buy when the emergency is on the horizon (in other words, already scaring me on the news).

WRONG time to stock up! For example, I spent $50 per box on N95 masks when bird flu was at its peak in the news, when it’s just $15 now. Shop smart!

Price Tag - Special Clearance Prices Cost Less During Sale

You can save on supplies by ordering in bulk, ordering at “down times” for certain things (like health supplies NOT during flu season), etc.

You can save money by watching circulars your grocery store sends to you (and sign up to them to be delivered to your inbox, too!). And you can save if you keep your eyes peeled and go up and down each aisle to see what happens to be placed on sale due to overstock.

Also wait for some things to go on sale online. I sign up for Daily Deals on Amazon, and look at some of the items I found on sale for today:

I also keep a list in my purse so I can watch for sales and they may have a limit as to how many you can buy. I do NOT believe in tricking the system, so I won’t advise any shady measures like “come back later” or “have your husband stop by” because it’s a limit for a reason. Let others save, too!

Once you start saving money, you’ll be so happy to see your survival budget get more mileage. All because you chose to shop smart. You don’t have to do anything special except keep your eyes open and sign up for some free notifications.

There’s really no excuse not to. So when was the last time you bought specific survival supplies based on a sale specifically? How did you save the money?

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Tiff 😉

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