Why a Biometric Gun Safe Is Best for Women’s Survival Storage

Hi everyone! One of the things we all need is personal protection in a survival OR everyday situation.

Now I’m from Texas, so you know we love our guns here. You may not be allowed to own one wherever you live, so this lesson may not apply to you, even though what I’m going to show you has multiple purposes.

We’re a gun owning family. We take professional lessons. All of my children are well educated in gun safety as well as shooting for aim, etc. But still, I want my guns put up safely in my home (and then you can determine based on your own child’s maturity level what age they should have access to it).

To keep a gun safe, you can’t just stick it up in a closet or in a drawer. Kids will find it, guaranteed – and then you’ll be the next headline everyone’s debating about.

I personally invested in the Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe and it’s one of the best gun safes I’ve ever owned because it has multiple access designs.

I’ll show you a video of it in action here:

This particular product comes in three different versions:

I love the Biometric version because, if it’s in the middle of the night, and I hear someone slamming their foot into my door and kicking it open (which would be hard because I have my handy dandy police locks!), I don’t want to have to try to fumble with a code or key.

I want to quickly swipe my thumb and have access to my firearm, period!


It’s not real loud, but it’s not completely silent, either. However, do I care?  If I have my hands on my gun, a slight noise isn’t going to bother me.

There’s plenty of room for multiple magazines to store in it. I could probably fit two guns in each one that we own, if I had to.

The box itself is not feather light, but not too heavy for me to grab and run into another room. It’s doable for anyone.

We have two people programmed with fingerprints in our home. The rest have keys and know the codes in case they have to access it.

I’m very pro gun, but also very pro safety and this is an imperative purchase for any woman who has children at home and needs to keep their firearm out of their little hands.

Go check out the reviews – it’s an amazing product and I’m not the only one going on and on about it.

That’s it for today! Get trained, get armed but also stay safe!

Tiff 😉

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