Why I Quit Worrying About Zika and Other Pandemic Scares

Hi everyone! Here we go again. Media coverage of the next big pandemic worry on the horizon – the Zika Virus. It’s everywhere on the news – it’s here in Texas and someone caught it by having unprotected sex. 

They’re not sure if it can be transmitted by saliva, or urine, or by glancing at someone (okay so I made that last one up, but you’d pretty much think that if you listened to the news).

With bird flu, I envisioned the food supply basically becoming non existent. I gave everyone at the store who coughed and snotted in the air the stink eye because I could just see their dirty germs floating toward me.

When Ebola patients were not only found here, but brought here intentionally, I was enraged. Stress levels skyrocketed. It was in Texas, too. At least one of them was. I changed my FB picture to one of me with blood running down my eyes because I was joking with my friends about what’s to come.

If there’s one thing I learned, it’s that stress can wreak havoc on your health – not to mention put you in a bad mood. I also ended up spending money on N95 masks (wayyyy too much).  I just hated that feeling of being worried all the time.

When Zika was mentioned and of course, toss Texas in there, I allowed myself about 10 seconds to what if panic – what is my daughter gets bitten and her first baby has a teeny head and all sorts of medical problems.


I instantly wondered what survival supplies I needed to order to put us in a mosquito-proof bubble…would saran wrap over the fence work? 🙂

And then I quit.

Seconds after it had begun, I stopped letting fear guide me because I thought, “How many times have you heard of pandemic threats over and over and over again and nothing happened? All that stress and worry for NOTHING.”

It pissed me off really.

The media love stirring up fears and controversies. We see it in politics all the time.

Basically, I realized that survival isn’t about panicking when something might happen, and then scurrying to prepare for it. It’s about being prepared for anything and everything – forever.

So will I take precautions to DEET us all when and if we go out during mosquito weather? Sure. But then I always did (Thanks, West Nile Virus fears!). We flat out can’t live every moment what iffing and worrying about the worst case scenario.

At least don’t want to live my life that way! I’m sure you don’t, either.

The best thing you can do for pandemic fears is make sure your health supplies are ready at all times. Make sure you’re protected in terms of food supplies, medicines and herbs, protective gear, and … most importantly … mindset!

It doesn’t mean we’re playing with fire or not taking things seriously. Stay informed. But be aware of media manipulation and sort out the facts from the bloated commentary that’s designed to keep you tuning in.

Tiff 🙂

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